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A sign of poetry

Des fils & des mots is a young French brand. Behind it are two small hands, those of the designer July. Passionate about literature, Les fils & des mots articles were born and thought through the great works of French literature and elsewhere.

Les panoplies (l'ensemble housse et son marque-page assorti)

Housses pour liseuse


Pouches for books

"... we always understand people through writing."

Guy de Maupassant's "our hearts" page

Both windows of the bedroom are open. Paris is in l' The abyss at the foot of the towering house expanded its huge plain. »

Emil Zola's "a page of love" embroidery

On a cold September morning, he walked down harp street with two manuscripts in his arms. He walked to Augustine wharf and walked along the sidewalk, alternately looking at the water of the Seine River and the bookstore [...] "

Balzac's lost fantasy embroidery