French quality

A desfils creation & desmots It is a craft confection in my workshop with materials from French know-how.



Lace is made in France in Calais on traditional trades.



The sons

All our sons are made in France, in the Hauts de France, within the Toulemonde Family Marfil factory. A company with the Living Heritage Company Label.



The fleece

The fleece inside the book pockets is made near Yonne by a family business. Our fleece is Certified Oeko-Tex Standard 100 (Label guaranteeing a product without harmful substances).




Our linseed fabrics were woven in France or Belgium. When they are Belgian, they come solely from great destocking


The stickers

The labels are handmade by the designer with ribbon woven in France in organic cotton.

The small flag, a sign of French manufacture, was woven in France.



The paper

Thick paper inside the bookmark is made in France. It is FSC certified (paper Wood-based compliance with procedures that ensure sustainable forest management).


The son to embroider

The embroidery son is made in Mulhouse, Alsace, by DMC home for 250 years. The wires are Oeko-Tex certified.


Elastics & ribbon

The eggs of the Chouchous has been made of recycled polyester for desfils & desmots, in France, by a company with the label company of living heritage.

The ribbon of pochons have been manufactured in France.



 The workshop  

Each article is created by hand in my workshop, in Thiais, in the Paris region.